What is witchcraft?

     People may have philosophical and theological explanations to explain it . But in simple words witchcraft is,  influencing a witch through spells to enter into someone’s life to bring them bad luck. Once these spells or witches  enter into someone’s life  they will not go away from them.  They will be there all the time bringing them bad luck. However they try to do good things, it will come on the way and block the prosperity in life. The spells, black magic and the witchcraft will not obey everyone’s command. They will obey when someone takes full control if them. To do witchcraft or spell upon someone is very easy. It is done through the invocations of Satan. But to remove, it is not easy. Therefore you will not find professionals who can remove it. If you find someone is a  great thing.  But you will find many psychic healers which will make you to change your thought pattern.  It is better to uproot it from the root itself. Once it is done, you will have a better luck. 


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