Pray With Me

We are sick one or the other way either mentally, physically or spiritually.  All of us want to experience the healing power.  Yet times we don’t know where can we get or find this healing power.   Yet times medical attempts make the doctors do fail in diagnosing the right sickness. When it is not diagnosed rightly, treatment will be given wrong. There may be natural reasons or unnatural reasons to be sick. But treating every sickness is very important. Without knowing the real reason and fact many of them treat them medically, psychologically or even sometimes with electric shock treatment. But they find all that in vain.  Day by day it goes bad to worse. They run from pillar to post to get healed. Hundreds of attempts make their situations worse. But it causes huge damage to life. Sometimes it brings down our financial status completely low and even zeroes without being we are aware of it. We need to approach the main source of healing for every sickness.  Through Him, we can get healed from every sickness.  God is the main source of healing. Whether you believe in God or not still we can ask Him to heal us.  Prayer is the means to reach Him to ask.  Here I have uploaded many prayers.  Make the words of the prayers as your own words and you will find greater healing.



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